Business Writing


Business Writing

Business writing, an important tool of business communications, covers emails, formal letters, letters of recommendation, resumes, and reports.

At Inspir, we equip our clients to confidently create all kinds of written communications essential in getting the message across from the communicator to the receiver.


Positive Communication

A type of communication that focuses on solutions. It starts with identifying the problem and then looking for solutions. It is not about ignoring difficulties but acknowledging difficulties as a starting point of what can be done.

In Inspir, we train clients to think , see, and speak “what is” instead of “what is not.”


Meeting Skills

Meetings could lead to organizational productivity, or it can be the most frustrating part of working with a team.

In Inspir, clients learn how to create an agenda and how to lead the meeting in a positive way so that all members actively participate with actionable steps beyond the meeting.



Principles of negotiations are based upon looking into the true needs of all parties involved. While negotiating often leads to compromises, in Inspir, we train clients on “principle-based negotiations,” where there is mutual respect and recognition of each party’s needs.


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