Let me share a quote from an article, Finding the Right Words in a Crisis; Harvard Business Review; April 17, 2020.


“Like a virus, words are infectious.

They can instill fear and panic or facilitate understanding and calm. 

Above all, they can spark action. 

So choose them carefully.”

今回の脱帽!は、great communicators が skills and techniques を使いこなす実例を紹介。


Skill 1: Use examples, analogies

Like a virus, words are infectious.

Skill 2: The Rule of 3

action verbsを巧く使い、言葉の持つパワーを強調。しかも3つaction verbs 列挙。

Words can

a) instill fear and panic

b) facilitate understanding and calm

c) spark action

Skill 3: Repeat your point at the end


当quote は、シンプルな言葉を、最後にしめとして、凛と使っている.

So choose them carefully.