What is your purpose? What is your LIFE purpose? What do you want to dedicate, devote, give your life to?? People who ask to work with me are stunned when I ask those questions…, most people never thought about LIFE purpose. To help them understand the power of a purpose, I ask them to imagine that I am their doctor and I say, “I am sorry, we’ve done the tests 5 times…, and I’ve asked other specialists to run the tests as well. I am sorry to tell you you have 2 weeks to live.” I then ask the person, “What would you do? Watch television?? Read newspapers or magazines?” Most people reflect and then decide they would express their love and gratitude to their family and friends, and they would make sure those that survive them are untroubled with taking care of their estates. All the unnecessary, unneeded, unimportant things just fall away and the person’s focus is clear. That is purpose. Purpose is motivation. If a person knows his/her purpose(s), and can parallel their work in line with their purposes, they become very powerful.

But now what? How can a person find a personal, powerful purpose? How can one discover one’s motivation? And what about the staff? How can an executive, a supervisor, a manager discover each staff member’s purpose/motivation? That is where Inspir training steps up to help you. Want to know more?