Executive Coaching
Any fool can criticize.
It takes imagination and creativity to find a solution.  
It, then, takes courage and consistency to implement that solution.
Where am I in this process? 
Gary Vierheller

President, Inspir Ltd

Executive Coaching

In order to be a good executive, one needs to first know himself, which is the greatest challenge in interpersonal communications.

In Inspir, we guide you on how to know yourself (interpersonal communications), so that you will learn how to know others effectively (interpersonal communications). This enables you to lead people in teams, organizations, and companies.


Team Building

Cooperation is the building block of effective teams. Collaboration is working together to create something. Synergy is working together based upon individual strengths.

In Inspir, we show the relationship of all three, as we teach our leaders to identify strengths of members, and equip them how to effectively put together people in teams, based on the mission or objectives of the company or organization.


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