Speech Writing


Speech Writing

Effective speech writing requires use of advanced approaches on writing, and familiarity on the advanced techniques in capturing audience attention. It is important to know about the essentials of an effective message.

In Inspir, we teach you how to combine all elements of speech-making, in order to be able to present any message in a compelling way.



Coaching encompasses speech writing and speech delivery—altogether identified as the “physical message.” Beyond the physical message, there is also the need to determine the overall design of the speech in order to meet the different intentions of the message.

In Inspir, whether you need an inspirational, demonstrative, or informative speech, we coach you how to do it. And, how to do it well.



In today’s world of business presentations and human interactions, eye-catching visuals that get the audience involved in the presentation are key components of effective communications.

In Inspir, we recognize that a powerful speech would most likely need a compelling visual aid. We create visual presentations to support your communications.


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